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A new way of making money from clicking ads is Here!


Dear Friend,

Colin Brazendale

Are you sick and tired of all the money-making scams on the internet? Programs that promise you the world and then give you an exit scam? Programs that start well and then crash after 3 months?

I have been scammed and let down by many programs in the last 3 years. Revshares, HYIP's and get paid to click programs that crash. My last program crashed 6 months ago. I said to myself "Never again will I join these business models again!'' until I found this amazing new program with a totally new approach.


Enter Hashing Ad Space! Hashing Ad Space is build for the long term. It is built on the crypto economy with Proof of Stake and Proof of Work to stabilize supply and demand. I believe this will help the longevity of Hashing Ad Space.


The Advertising platform where marketers and consumers are rewarded.

Advertisers are always looking for new places to advertise at affordable prices and targetted audience. Hashing Ad Space members are people looking for ways to make money online. Advertisers will get views to there products from hungry prospects.

Viewers and consumers will be rewarded for their time watching the ads.

Easy online business to understand and to join

Any online marketer can watch and click ads, so this program is open to anyone that has a couple of minutes per day to click and watch ads.

Hashing Ad Space explained

Staking and Minting Ads

Watch the video below to see the real power and most important income opportunity in Hashing Ad Space.

Luke Millard is the creator of Hashing Ad Space. I have been following him for 3 years now. He has been scammed many times before, like the rest of us. His mission is to create a business that will last forever and where everyone benefits from the work they put into their Hashing Ad Space business.


How to Get Started

You may join for free and check it out. Click around on the website and even earn Asimi on the V2E program. No catch.

To get started you need to be invited with a referral link. You cannot join by going to the website directly.

Here is my referral link to join for free

Make sure you are ''Invited by colinb''

See image below:


Complete the form and hit ''GET STARTED''

Now go to your email and find the email from Hashing Ad Space with the activation link and click on it.

This is what it will look like:


Now it is time for you to login.

Every time you login you will see a 7 second login ad. When the time runs out, click on ''Dashboard''.

On your first login go to the Profile tab and enter your personal details and go back to the dashboard.

On the left-hand side of the dashboard, you will see the menu. Scroll down to ''Getting Started'' and ''Training Videos''. Watch all the training videos please.


Join the Facebook Group

I highly recommend you join the Hashing Ad Space Facebook group. Here you will find valuable info on the latest news and proof of success with Hashing Ad Space.

Here is the link to the FB group

The first step you must take is to go to the ''Files'' folder on the FB Group. Here you will find all the information to build a successful Hashing Ad Space online business.

After watching the training videos, you will know more than 95% of people on HAS.

Knowledge is POWER! :)


Contact me for Help


I am here to help you because you joined my team.

You will find my contact details below. Whatsapp is faster, but you can email me too.

Reply to Whatsapp messages is done during business hours in South Africa time. My time zone is GMT+2.


Colin Brazendale

Whatsapp: 0027 72 838 6854




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